Engine & Engine Parts

We have a large selection of motors and parts for 1960 -1970 Olympics. New and used parts available.

Available parts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rebuilt & used single cylinder engines
  • Clutches & secondary clutches
  • Mufflers
  • Gas tank caps & measuring sticks
  • Recoil starters & rebuild parts

variety of motors

Motor mounts

Why use those old motor mounts on your new restoration and take a chance with the motor not being correctly aligned? That can cause your belt to deteriorate and make a mess under the hood!

Carbs and rebuild kits

Fuel line, Recoil ropes

'69 - '70 Filler Pipe

Drive belts

new starter motors

air boxes

Throttle and brake cables

'63 - '65 gas caps

belt guards

clutches & parts

crank shaft

cylinder head


single crankcase


muffler gromet

recoil starters and rebuild parts

Starter pulleys

secondary clutches & parts

tanks, jumbo inline carb filters

hood gas ring

gas tank caps & fuel sticks


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