Here at Antique Snowmobile we have a variety of restored antique sleds with others in the restoration process. They range in age from 1960 (very rare) to 1970+. We specialize in Tin Cabs and Olympics (bubblenoses) but have worked on a variety of other sleds. In addition, we have a large variety of parts available.

We have a lot of sources and given time, can find and restore just about anything you need. Our primary business is restoration and parts. The sleds we sell are either restored from the ground up or they are "runners". In addition to restorations, we build a few “replica” ’62 tin cabs.

Sled prices will vary depending on the cost of the original purchase and how detailed and time consuming the restoration. Check out our showcase for pictures of restored sleds and runners.

Rich and Sadie on a 1972 Olympic 335

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